Centennial's future business leaders of america

ANAHEIM, CA- Centennial High School’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapter forged their way to success as they made a remarkable stride at the annual FBLA State Leadership Conference. The Huskies showcased their dedication and commitment in preparing for excellence as they enter the business world! 

Earlier this month, Centennial’s FBLA Chapter traveled to Anaheim to attend the State Leadership Conference (SLC) where 200 chapters from across the state attended. The SLC offers a multi-day conference where students experience a comprehensive learning experience from leadership workshops, professional development, networking, and competitive events. Students are able to compete in group or individual events where they can demonstrate their knowledge, leadership abilities, and skills across a wide range of business-related fields. 

This year, the Centennial Huskies entered 51 of the 78 events offered and made quite a mark as they placed in over 25+ events earning them 4th place in the Overall Sweepstakes, the highest score for the Centennial Chapter! The Huskies were competing against the 200 chapters in attendance making their win even more remarkable. Their achievements at this year’s conference are a testament to their hard work and dedication to FBLA.

“As Chapter President, I know through dedication and teamwork, we’ve achieved milestones that were once beyond our reach,” said student Syed Shaheer Ali. Our success at the State Leadership Conference is a testament to our resilience and commitment to excellence. This wasn’t just a moment in time; it was the forging of a legacy.”

 In addition to the Chapter’s impressive triumphs at the SLC, two Huskies were elected to regional and state positions, elevating their involvement and commitment to the next level. Student Clara Nguyen joined the state officer team and will be serving as the 2024-2025 FBLA Secretary and Shreya Jain will serve the regional team as the 2024-2025 Inland Section V.P. of Communications!
“FBLA isn’t just about what you achieve, but the bonds you form and the memories you create. Each experience, big or small, brings new opportunities and enriches your journey. This State Leadership Conference is proof of that!” said Clara Nguyen.
Centennial’s FBLA Chapter is directed and advised by teacher Lee Lara, who also serves as the California Inland Section Director and received the lifetime service award at this year's State Leadership Conference! Lara worked alongside teacher Jona Spencer to ensure the students were adequately prepared for the State Leadership Conference. 
“I am very proud of the students who put in the time and effort in preparing for state. I look forward to seeing the 23 who are competing at the national level in Orlando, Florida,” said Lee Lara.
The Huskies are headed to the national stage at the annual FBLA National Leadership Conference held in Orlando, Florida this year to compete against various chapters across the country. With nearly half of the students in attendance at the SLC securing a spot at nationals, 23 members will be proudly representing the Husky Chapter!
While the Huskies have already accomplished so much, we anticipate they will continue to break their own records, further elevating the reputation and standing of their Chapter. Congratulations to Centennials outstanding FBLA Chapter on their remarkable success at the State Leadership Conference and best of luck to the 23 Huskies headed to the National Leadership Conference!
The following Huskies placed in their event:

    • Digital Video- Clara Nguyen 1st 
    • Digital Video- Lauren Ho 1st
    • Digital Animation - Ishaan Gupta 1st
    • Marketing- Alexa Vargas 3rd 
    • Marketing- Brenda Nguyen 3rd 
    • Marketing- Harini Sathees 3rd 
    • Public Service Announcement- Aria Panjabi 4th 
    • Public Service Announcement- Carol Han 4th 
    • Public Service Announcement- Gurnoor Kaur 4th 
    • Broadcast Journalism- Shaheer Ali 5th 
    • Broadcast Journalism- Mustafa Ali 5th 
    • Entrepreneurship- Joel Philip 5th 
    • Entrepreneurship- Harini Sathees 5th 
    • Entrepreneurship- Arjun Shah 5th 
    • Visual Design- Adam Darzidan 5th 
    • Visual Design- Luke Varghese 5th
    • Security and Investments - Ishaan Gupta 4rth
    • Financial Statement Analysis- Giselle Aguilar 6th 
    • Financial Statement Analysis- Madison Ahn 6th 
    • Financial Statement Analysis- Vaishali Jain 6th 
    • Hospitality & Event Management- James Hammers 6th 
    • Hospitality & Event Management- Ronald Kim 6th 
    • Hospitality & Event Management- Nicholas Le 6th 
    • Local Chapter Business Report- Shaheer Ali 6th 
    • Local Chapter Business Report- Sanaya Rozario 6th 
    • Computer Game- Caleb Dyal 7th 
    • Computer Game- Kevin Tun 7th 
    • Introduction to Event Planning- Saijal Patel 7th
    • Introduction to Event Planning- Minnah Shaikh 7th 
    • Introduction to Event Planning- Rudri Soni 7th 
    • Intro to Programming- Rayyan Khalique 8th 
    • Intro to Programming- Dylan Patel 8th



Centennial's Future Business Leaders of America Chapter at the State Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California. 
Student Clara Nguyen after being elected California FBLA State Secretary for 2024-2025. 
FBLA members, Clara Nguyen, Shreya Jain, Saijal Patel, and Aria Panjabi during down time.