Motorcycle Officers Visit Parkridge!

Motorcycle Officer Visit Parkridge! Motorcycle Officer Visit Parkridge!

- On Wednesday, September 22nd, Officers Cocke and "Tiz" Tizcareno visited Parkridge Elementary.  The excited 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders were thrilled as the motorcycle officers rode their motorcycles around and then spent time with each grade level.  They shared their gear, their motorcycles, and answered lots of questions. 
Officer Cocke shared with the 2nd graders that his most powerful weapon was his pen. That he used his pen to write tickets to keep the community safer and he encouraged the boys and girls to work really hard on their reading and writing. The students had been studying about the government and community helpers in the District adopted Benchmark Language Arts Curriculum and meeting the two police officers in person was a wonderful way to see local government in action!