School Re-Opening Information

Riverside County Moves to Red Tier
Posted on 09/22/2020
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Red Tier

What does this mean for CNUSD?

Today, the State announced Riverside County has moved into the Red Tier. According to the Governor’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy, once counties remain in the “Red” Tier for 14 consecutive days, schools may begin to reopen for in-person instruction according to State Guidance for the Reopening of Schools.

School Reopening:

CNUSD has taken the following steps to prepare for the safe reopening of our school sites for families who have selected the remote/traditional program:

  • On July 2, CNUSD completed a School Safety and Reopening Plan.
  • Safety measures and protocols have been implemented at all CNUSD facilities as outlined in the Safety Plan.
  • On Sept. 8, the Board of Education passed Resolution 51 to “Transition to an in-person instructional model to the greatest extent possible as soon as public health conditions allow.” This action by the Board triggered a 3-week period to negotiate the impacts of reopening schools with our labor groups.

Next Steps:

  • The District intends to finalize negotiations with both labor groups prior to Oct. 6, in accordance with the county’s timeline for the reopening of schools.
  • The District’s COVID-19 Staff Testing Plan will be shared with labor groups this week.
  • The District is continuing to work with all site principals to ensure the implementation and monitoring of site safety protocols are taking place.
  • As directed by the Board of Education, the District will complete a final audit at all school sites to ensure safety compliance prior to student return.


When can my remote/traditional student physically return to school?
If Riverside County stays within the Red Tier for the next two weeks, CNUSD will be permitted to reopen schools after Oct. 6.

What will the return to school look like?
In order to reopen schools safely and in accordance with the California Department of Education Industry Guidance for the Reopening of Schools, the return to school will likely occur in a hybrid format. As negotiations are finalized, further details will be shared.

Does the District still intend to submit a waiver?
Yes, as directed by the Board of Education, CNUSD still intends to submit the waiver. We anticipate receiving a letter of support for our TK-6 waiver application from our teacher’s union this week. We will initiate further conversations with our parent groups and classified association this week as well.

Why apply for a waiver if we are in the Red Tier?
In the event our county moves back to the Purple Tier, the waiver will allow for the reopening of the TK-6 schools.

What does this mean for the Small Group Cohorts which were recently Board Approved?

  • 1:1 assessments for students on IEPs will start on Sept. 28, 2020. Parents of students who qualify for this service will be contacted by their school site.
  • The District is currently negotiating with our classified association the small cohort model (Special Education Plus), in addition to the afterschool program (Expanded Learning Plus).
  • When negotiations are finalized, parents of students who qualify for optional in-person support (small group cohorts) will receive information directly from their school sites.
*Small group cohorts: Refers to small groups of students that qualify for special services (e.g. students with disabilities, English learners, at risk and high needs children).